How To Idle XP In Warzone

In this article/ guide, we will be taking a look at how you can idle XP in Warzone, meaning you can go ARK and leave Call of Duty Warzone running while getting more XP. We have also included methods to get XP really fast in-game.

In the intense battlegrounds of Warzone, every bit of experience points (XP) matters. Whether you’re aiming to level up your weapons, increase your overall rank, or unlock Battle Pass rewards, efficient XP farming is essential.

So as I already said above in this guide, we’ll explore strategies to maximize your XP gains without constantly engaging in combat meaning you can leave your game idle.

You can do this with passive contracts to special events, these methods will help you level up faster in Warzone.

How to Level Up Fast in Warzone

Below are the steps on how to efficiently earn XP in Call of Duty: Warzone while keeping the game idle/AFK.

1. Carry the Weapon You Want to Level Up

Simply having the weapon equipped while playing will passively earn XP for it.

Even actions like opening chests contribute to leveling up the gun.

Keep the weapon equipped at all times, and its rank will increase without much effort.

2. Complete Warzone Contracts

Some passive contracts, such as Scavenger or Upload Intel, grant substantial XP without requiring you to engage in combat.

Equip the weapon you want to level up and focus on completing these contracts across the map.

Let your team do the missions and contracts while you are AFK.

3. Own Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

While this method is a bit expensive, owning Modern Warfare 3 provides an XP bonus in Warzone.

MW3’s multiplayer mode is action-packed, allowing you to rack up kills and XP quickly.

The Invasion and War modes in MW3 are excellent for farming bots and earning weapon XP.

4. Double XP Weekends & Tokens

Activision periodically hosts Double XP Weekends during Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone seasons.

These weekends are the best time to play if you’re aiming to level up.

Additionally, you’ll earn Double XP Tokens throughout the Battle Pass and campaign.

Use these tokens while following the strategies mentioned above to level up your weapons twice as fast.

5. Play with Friends In Warzone (PlayStation Only)

PlayStation players who are partied up with friends earn 25% more Weapon XP than usual.

If you’re on PlayStation, team up with friends to maximize your XP gains.

6. Hide in a Bush in a Squad

Yes, that’s right hide in a bush and let your team do all the work. You will earn XP while your team completes missions and do other things and all you need to do is leave your game idle and return when ready.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading the above guide on how you can earn XP in Warzone while staying idle. Remember, efficient XP farming not only helps you level up your weapons but also contributes to your overall rank and Battle Pass progression.

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