How To Idle Stone In PalWorld

Here’s a guide on how to efficiently gather stone in Palworld while you idle in the game, so if you don’t want to keep gathering and collecting stone yourself you can use your Pals to gather stone and you do not need to do anything but leave your game idle or go and explore.

How to Gather & Automate Stone in Palworld

Below are the steps to start your stone automation in PalWorld.

1. Unlock the Stone Pit:

  • At level 7 in the Technology tree, you can unlock the Stone Pit.
  • To build it, you’ll need:
    • 50 Wood
    • 20 Stones
    • 10 Paldium Fragments.
  • The Stone Pit allows you to mine stones directly at your base without manual effort.

2. Assign Pals with Mining Trait:

  • Once you’ve built the Stone Pit, assign Pals with the Mining trait to work there. They will begin to collect stones while you idle.
  • Pals with higher mining levels will be more efficient at gathering stones.

3. Prioritize Ore Over Stone:

  • All Pals, including those with level 2 mining skills, tend to prioritize player-made resource deposits (like the Stone Pit) over raw deposits (such as ore).
  • To ensure your Pals focus on ore, follow these steps:
    • Find a location with several ore deposits (e.g., coordinates 8, -530).
    • Place an extra Palbox for a second base location.
    • Build the base as if it were a dedicated copper mine (avoid creating a stone pit at this location).
    • You can get the extra Palbox when you reach Palbox level 10 and a third one at level 15.

4. Elevate Your Stone Pits:

  • To help level 2 miners prioritize ore, build your Stone Pits elevated with stairs.
  • This prevents Pals from focusing solely on stone and encourages them to mine ore.

Final Thoughts

Remember, Palworld is full of surprises, and as the game evolves, mechanics may change. Adapt your strategies accordingly. I hope the above guide has helped you start your stone idling in PalWorld.

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