How To Block Mobile Game Ads

Mobile gaming has become a massive part of our lives and there are many different types of mobile games to choose from. We love playing idle games on our devices which is why we put together

Although playing games on your phone is a great source of entertainment and relaxation at times it can be annoying which is why you are currently on this article.

This is because of the constant intrusion of ads that often accompany free mobile games they can easily disrupt the gaming experience and ruin it at times. Thankfully, there are various strategies to block these ads and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. This guide aims to show you different methods that will help you block mobile game ads.

How To Stop Mobile Game Ads

Below are the steps that will help you stop ads on Android games and also stop ads when playing games on an iPad or iPhone.

Upgrading to Premium Versions:

Many mobile games offer premium or ad-free versions at a nominal cost. Opting for these premium versions not only provides support to the developers which is great! but also is the best and easiest way to get rid of those annoying ads.

Look for the option to upgrade within the game settings, on the app store or sometimes there is a upgrade store within most games that will have the option to remove ads so you can then get rid of ads in the mobile game.

Enabling Airplane Mode:

A straightforward solution to ad interruptions involves activating airplane mode on your mobile device. However, this method comes with its limitations, disconnecting your device from the internet will stop multiplayer features, updates, and other features within the game.

But enabling Airplane mode on an Android or IOS device to stop ads from showing in games has been a trick that has been around for many years now and it still works.

Disable WiFi and Mobile Data

This method is of course the same as the Airplane mode and that’s to disable your wifi connection or mobile data. This will stop the game from being able to communicate to the ad servers, which will then of course stop ads from being able to display in the game on your device.

Utilizing Ad-Blocking Apps:

Numerous third-party ad-blocking apps are accessible on app stores. Functioning at the network level, these apps obstruct ads from reaching your device. Be careful though when choosing an ad-blocking app to avoid potential violations of app store policies. Research thoroughly and opt for a reputable app with positive reviews to ensure its efficacy.

Exploring In-App Settings:

Certain games incorporate built-in settings that allow users to disable ads. Go through the game’s settings menu to locate an option to turn off ads or as I said above directly purchase an ad-free version within the app.

Resetting Ad Identifier:

Both Android and iOS devices have a unique advertising identifier that helps advertisers in tracking user preferences. Resetting this identifier can potentially reduce the number of targeted ads.

On Android devices: access Settings > Google > Ads > Reset Advertising ID

On iOS devices: visit Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Reset Advertising Identifier

If you cannot see the above setting look for a similar option, as there are many different versions of phones, Android updates, and IOS updates.

WebBrowser Ad-Blockers:

Some mobile games embed ads within an in-app browser. So you can use mobile browsers equipped with built-in ad-blockers or install browser extensions specifically designed to block ads.

It’s important to note that not all games use this method and of course, it will only help if you are playing a game on your mobile using a web browser. Many websites like our own allow you to play games using a web browser on a mobile device.

Final Thoughts:

For many gamers, being able to enjoy mobile games without the constant interruption of ads is a must as they are annoying. Whether through in-app purchases, ad-blocking apps, or other methods, there usually is a way to achieve an ad-free gaming experience on your mobile.

Experiment with different methods to find one that works and does not affect the terms of service of the game you are playing. Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that by stopping ads on your mobile games, you will also be reducing the revenue for the developers which could then stop them from releasing updates and supporting the game.

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