Best Free Idle Games On Steam January 2024

As we get more and more games, one genre that has gained loads of popularity in recent years is idle games. These games offer a unique and laid-back gaming experience, allowing players to progress and achieve goals with minimal active participation.

If you’re a fan of idle gaming like I am and looking for the best free options on Steam in 2023, you’re in for a treat.

In this article, we will explore some of what I think are the best free idle games on Steam that will give you hours of enjoyable gameplay. Also another great thing about these games they also come with Steam achievements and some also include Steam Trading Cards.

Anyway let’s get to the list and see what the best idle games are, I have not put them in any particular order.

Best Free Idle Games On Steam 2024

1. IdleOn – The Idle MMO

Engage in an RPG adventure where your characters persistently grind around the clock! Select classes and skill trees as they progress, utilizing their loot to enhance their strength.

Despite its straightforward visuals, IdleOn unfolds into a remarkably intricate gaming experience! So if you are looking for an engaging idle that involves leveling up your heroes and character then you will want to check out IdleOn.

Check IdleOn On Steam Here


Discover the world of NGU Idle, a Free-To-Play idle game brimming with peculiar humor, numerous upgrades, and hundreds of hours of content!

Dive into NGU Idle today and revel in the satisfaction of watching those numbers go up! I know the game is a little old fashioned but this means nothing, it is still very addictive and used to be the best idle game on Kongregate.

So yeah go and give it a go, it’s a great idle clicking game if you are playing on an old laptop as well and it requires minimum hardware.

Check NGU Idle On Steam Here

3. Farmer Against Potatoes Idle

Have you ever fancied fighting against potatoes in an idle game? Well, you can go and wield your sword and repel hordes of Potatoes by continually enhancing your stats, employing various Equipment, selecting from diverse Classes, harnessing numerous Talents, and exploring a plethora of engaging features.

This ensures lasting entertainment to keep you enthralled for an extended period. It’s a great game if you want to take some anger out on some potatoes.

Check Farmer Against Potatoes Idle On Steam Here

4. AdVenture Capitalist

Greetings, enthusiastic young investor, to AdVenture Capitalist! Undoubtedly, the premier simulator of capitalism in the world!

Adventure Capitalist elevates the idle gaming concept by immersing you in the role of a capitalist tycoon. Begin with a modest lemonade stand and progressively grow your empire, encompassing everything from oil companies to space ventures.

The game’s blend of humor and quirky style, coupled with the addictive joy of witnessing your profits skyrocket, positions Adventure Capitalist as a standout in the genre.

Check AdVenture Capitalist On Steam Here

5. Realm Grinder

Expand your domain, forge alliances, and delve into one of the most profound idle RPG experiences ever!

For those seeking a more intricate experience in their idle games, Realm Grinder presents a captivating fusion of strategy and fantasy. Select from diverse factions such as elves, demons, or goblins, and strive to construct a formidable kingdom.

The game introduces a prestige system, enabling you to restart with additional perks, introducing an extra dimension of strategy and replay value. Offering a plethora of upgrades, spells, and factions to delve into, Realm Grinder ensures that players remain engrossed for an extended duration.

Check Realm Grinder On Steam Here

6. Firestone: Online Idle RPG

Firestone: Online Idle RPG presents a multiplayer fantasy gaming experience infused with idle RPG mechanics. Gather an array of heroes, enhance their equipment and skills, and dispatch them into idle skirmishes or embark on an incremental clicker frenzy to conquer formidable bosses!

Whether you prefer chatting with guild companions or participating in player-versus-player encounters, the decision is yours to make!

The game is more modern than some of the above idles and has nice looking graphics.

Check Firestone: Online Idle RPG On Steam Here

7. Holyday City: Reloaded

Construct, oversee, and expand your city in Holyday City: Reloaded! Immerse yourself in this idle clicker game as the business tycoon shaping and enlarging your metropolis.

Hone your skills in resource and time management to enhance businesses and flourish. Embark on the ultimate town-building adventure with Holyday City.

I love games when you have to keep leveling up a holiday business which makes Holyday City perfect.

Check Holyday City: Reloaded On Steam Here

8. Idle Monster TD: Evolved

Transform formidable monsters and obliterate feeble humans in this ceaseless idle tower defense adventure! Discover, enhance, and evolve a repertoire of more than 150 distinctive monsters and pets.

From adorable and vibrant flower creatures to majestic fire-breathing dragons, assemble the ultimate team to confront the unrelenting onslaught of adversaries.

Again another idle game with lovely colorful graphics, which is perfect if you are looking for a monster type idle then you will want to check out Idle Monster TD.

Check Idle Monster TD: Evolved On Steam Here

9. Clicker Heroes

Have you ever pondered the sensation of dealing one quadrillion damage per second? Wonder no more! Commence your journey to achieve it today!

Clicker Heroes is another one of my favorite idle games, this game can get pretty addictive so if you love leaving your computer idling and leveling up heroes to defeat monsters and other weird things.

Then you will want to get Clicker Heroes ago, again this is another great free to play idle game that you can install from Steam.

Check Clicker Heroes On Steam Here

Final Thoughts

The world of free idle games on Steam in 2023 has become big with many different idles to choose from. Whether you enjoy strategic decision-making, character progression, or exploring the vastness of space, there’s an idle game for you.

That is why I put together this article showing off some of what I feel are the best free idle games on Steam that every idle game lover should give a try. If I have missed a game that you think should be on the list then reach out to us using the contact us form!

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